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Ventura Tackle Company

At VTC we strive to provide products made from the highest quality materials and components. We insist on keeping a personal touch on our products by following our motto of

“Hand Painted & Hand Poured”.

Featured Items

Ventura Tackle Company strives to provide only the best hand crafted jigs on the market!

Glitter Swirl

The glitter swirl jig consists of our swirl jig and then an added coat of glitter to the underside of the jig. The combination of the super bright glow and the glitter is extremely eye catching to the fish.


The Wonderswirl jig is a popular jig that is patterned off of the old wonderbread pattern. We take it to a whole new level and put our swirl spin on it to make what we at VTC call the Original Wonderswirl. ​

Glitter Jigs

The VTC glitter collection has many colors and may have some dot or swirl patterns added to enhance the glitter base.


We offer many different accessories at VTC. From coldsnap outdoor products to custom branded koozies and lanyards.

Swirl Jigs

The swirl jig is our base line of glow jigs . A super bright glow base is integrated with either one or more swirl colors to create the best fish catching jigs on the market.

Dot Jigs

The VTC dot jigs consist of base coat and then we add a 6 dot pattern. They come in many different base colors and dot combinations.


At VTC we carry branded clothing ranging from hooded sweatshirts, custom printed jerseys, all the way to head wear.

Jig Cases

Two different VTC jig cases to ensure the security and safety of your jig investment.